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Some of our work.

On this page we will showcase a few of our projects. If you are interested in other pictures feel free to click on our social links at bottom of site.

The Penthouse

This project was in the heart of Bristol Rhode Island. Where an old hotel had been turned into beautiful condos. This floor is a 3 1/4 red oak flooring that was finished with a Loba Easy Prime and topped with Loba 2k AT supra satin.


House on the lake

This project is nestled in Westport Mass in its little oasis. It is a 4" white oak flooring that was installed by us. Finished using three coats of Loba invisible. Giving the floor a natural look as if there was nothing there. Leaving the homeowner in awe with this beautiful and durable floor.


Old pine boards

This project was an exciting project in Warren Rhode Island. The pine floors needed some major corrective sanding. The homeowner wanted the old dated yellow color removed. We applied a Loba Intensive provincial color topped with a Loba 2k AT satin.

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